School to School Support

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Specialist Leaders of Education

We have currently have 31 SLEs available for deployment in 13 different aspects of school life. If you would like support from one of our SLEs please contact Simon Gallacher.

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Local Leaders of 


We have 3 Local Leaders of Education: Katy Cox (Heateacher at St Matthew's Catholic Primary School)

Madeleine Bannister (Headteacher at St Anthony's Catholic Primary School, Clayton)

Andrew Monaghan, Headteacher St Alban's Catholic Voluntary Academy (Chaddesden, Derbyshire)

Simon Gallacher (CSPTSA Director)

If you would like support from one of our LLEs please contact Simon.

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National Leaders of 


We have 2 National Leaders of Education: Daniel Copley (Executive Heateacher at St Francis's Catholic Primary School & St Cuthbert & The First Martyrs' Catholic Primary School) and John Devlin (Executive Headteacher at Our Lady of Victories Catholic Pimary School, St Anne's Catholic Primary School & St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Keighley). If you would like support from one of our NLEs please contact Simon Gallacher.

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Diocesan Leaders of Governance

There is currently no recruitment for National Leaders of Governance, however, the Diocese of Leeds is looking at accrediting outstanding governors as Diocesan Leaders of Governance. The DLGs will go and support other Governing Bodies and Trustees to ensure school governance is robust and effective.

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School Peer Reviews - updated for 2020

All CSPTSA schools undergo at least 1 School Peer Reviews each year, based on the work ongoing within the school. These reviews are a collaborative and developmental approach to identifying and celebrating a school's strengths as well as finding key support for their areas of development.

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